Cali April 12th, 2013

A Vegan’s Nightmare

La Bandeja Paisa is a typical meal of the Paisas from Antioquia and Cauca regions, and one of Colombia's most traditional dishes. The ingredients vary from place to place, but they all tend to have a generous amount of food, the most common being: ground meat, chorizo, morcilla, pork, rice, fried mashed banana, red beans, arepa, avocado and fried egg (yes, all of it in one plate!). Unless you haven't eaten for days, you will surely struggle to finish it...



  1. Joaninha

    Ahahahahahhahaha Vegetariano FALSO!!! És tão FALSOOOOO!!!

  2. Ricardo

    Menina, quando se viaja deixam-se os hábitos em casa (até os saudáveis). Beijo grande.

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