Alamut Valley March 16th, 2014

Magic and Wonder on the Alamut Valley


Located around 4 hours northwest of Teheran, the Alamut Valley is a nest of wonderful landscapes and ancient history in the Alborz Mountains.

Hidden among thick clouds and tall snowy peaks lays the 11th century Alamut Castle, one of the fortresses of Hasan-e Sabbah, the spiritual leader of Islam's heretical Ismaili sect. Only a few walls have survived the several attacks by the Mongols, but the hike to the castle highest point is nevertheless magnificent. Once on top, different layers of mountains unfold until the far horizon. One is instantly filled with the wonder and magic of a forgotten era, forever preserved in the brilliant scenery.


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  1. carrilho

    Alamut? isso é muito fixe, o Forte de Hasan-e Sabbah era abrigo de assassinos…. até considero que o termo assassino vem daí….:)

  2. Ricardo

    Muito bem considerado, meu caro. Abraço.

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