Uyuni June 9th, 2013

Wonders & Disappointments

A whole part of Bolivia sits on the Andean Altiplano, which gives the country some of the most harsh and dramatic landscapes I have seen in South America so far. Around Uyuni, in the Southwest district of Potosi, close to the Chilean border, lay…

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La Paz
La Paz June 4th, 2013

La Paz

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Lake Titicaca & the Uros
Puno June 3rd, 2013

Lake Titicaca & the Uros

The Uros are a pre-Incan culture who runaway from the Tihuanaca in modern day Bolivia and found shelter on the Lake Titicaca. They live on top of artifical islands, made out of Totora reeds, a plant which grows on the cristal clear waters of…

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Puerto Maldonado

Madre Dios & The Lake Sandoval

Located in the Amazon Basin, the Madre Dios department in southeast Peru has two main national parks: Manu and Tambopata. Before reaching the Titicaca Lake and enter Bolivia, I had the pleasure of spending two nights in the Tambopata National Park. It was my…

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Huacachina Desert
Huacachina May 25th, 2013

Huacachina Desert

I should have posted something about the Huacachina Desert a couple of weeks ago... Well, at least a picture.

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Aguas Calientes

The Lost City of the Incas

Running the risk of falling into a big cliché, I can't avoid writing a few words about Machu Picchu, one of the wonders of the world, a place we all know from pictures and National Geographic documentaries... (more…)

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Aguas Calientes May 21st, 2013

Train to Machu Picchu

Trains have always played a magical role in my imaginary. I recall the 26 hour-trip aboard the Indian-Pacific train in Australia to be one of the best train rides of my life.But today, I had the chance of travelling with Peru Rail to the…

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Cajamarca May 11th, 2013

Road Trip to Heaven

The Colectivo, a small 17-passenger car, left around 4:00 in morning. A 12-hour trip from Chachapoyas to Cajamarca in north Peru was about to begin. I had read about the stretch of road between Chachapoyas and Celendin: “One of the best road trips one…

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Puerto Lopez May 2nd, 2013

Los Frailes

Around 10 km north of Puerto Lopez and part of the Machalilla National Park, Los Frailes is arguably the best beach in Ecuador. I hope the picture talks by itself. I just would like to mention that I spent 3 hours here and I…

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The small Andean town of Baños is surrounded by some stunning nature: waterfalls, thermal waters, rivers, glaciers and volcanoes. All this natural beauty casts a shadow over Baños, which seems to live entirely from tourism, with dozens of hotels and tour operators offering all…

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Ibarra April 17th, 2013

Colombia in 7 Weeks

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