Tierradentro April 2nd, 2013

Tierradentro Patterns & Views

Medellín March 22nd, 2013

The quest for Palinuro

Birthplace of Fernando Botero, Medellín is home to many Colombian artists, writers and intellectuals. When I was in Bogotá, I came across a fantastic book publisher based in Medellín called: Tragaluz. (more…)

Cartagena de Indias March 18th, 2013

Cartagena de Indias

Santa Marta March 15th, 2013

Street Vendors of Santa Marta

Santa Marta

Some Handmade Postcards

So far I haven't found a post office in Colombia. When asked, people seem very confused and don't really know if there is a national post service in the country or not. Postcards are nowhere to be found or bought, so I decided to…

Santa Marta

Colombia National Army

Mainly due to the intern conflict between paramilitars and farc, the Colombian government has now pratols all over the main roads and highways in the country. When travelling by bus, one can see them quite offen by the road, standing with their guns in…

Barichara March 7th, 2013

Random SketchesFrom Museo Nacional

Villa de Leyva March 5th, 2013

Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva is a small colonial village founded in 1572 by the spanish Hernan Suarez de Villalobos. Located in the Andes, around 250 km north of Bogota, this picturesque village grows around Plaza Mayor, a town square paved with huge cobblestones and surrounded…

Bogota March 3rd, 2013

Bogotá a todo minuto

All over Bogotá you can find street vendors with small stands selling beverages, sweets and other goods. Almost each and every one of them have a mobile phone available for national calls. Prices vary between 150 to 200 Pesos (around 0.10 EUR) per minute,…

Bogota February 28th, 2013

Policia llego, policia matoPlaza Bolivar

La Candeleria
Bogota February 27th, 2013

La Candelaria

Sketches from Japan
Berlin October 21st, 2012

Japan sketchbook

I uploaded to my Flickr account, some sketches I did during my trip to Japan in April and May 2012. You can check them HERE

Than you all
Bangkok May 22nd, 2011

What a wonderful world

"Excuse me sir, but I cannot allow you to enter the plane anymore. You are too late and the boarding gate is by now closed. I am sorry. You will have to wait another week for your next flight." Covered in sweat, I wake…

Australian Considerations

Me, Olivier and Maria
Ubud May 11th, 2011

Eat. Sleep. Read.

Ubud is trendy. Ubud is in a Hollywood movie. Ubud is narrow streets with lined shops and cafés. Ubud is polite harassment. Ubud is western women looking for fulfillment. Ubud is Yoga, Reiki and Transcendent Meditation. Ubud is tasty and cheap Indonesian food. Ubud…