La Candeleria
Bogota February 27th, 2013

La Candelaria

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Morgens um 7:00
Berlin February 22nd, 2013



Mayumis Geburtstagskarte
Berlin February 4th, 2013

Mayumis Geburtstagskarte


Berlin November 22nd, 2012

In meinen Augen

Nach 5 Tagen Arbeit, habe ich heute meine freie Zeit mit dem Buch "In meinen Augen" von BASTIEN VIVES wirklich genossen — das Buch ist einfach genial!


Hello Airside Nippon

Hello Airside Nippon

I've been an admirer of Airside's work, since I started giving my first steps in the design world. They've always been a main reference and a big source of inspiration to me. After the announcement that Airside would be closing their doors in early…


Berlin November 15th, 2012



Berlin November 12th, 2012

Saturday doodle


Berlin November 4th, 2012

Work on progress


Sketches from Japan
Berlin October 21st, 2012

Japan sketchbook

I uploaded to my Flickr account, some sketches I did during my trip to Japan in April and May 2012. You can check them HERE

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Nokia love
Berlin July 30th, 2012

Farewell Nokians

What was meant to be 4 weeks of freelancing at Nokia Berlin, ended up being a whole year. I am glad I had the chance of working with so many talented and incredible people. I leave you a small suprise, please click HERE. Thank…


The Flying Squirrel
Berlin July 29th, 2012

The Flying Squirrel

My dear friend Ben Lowdon and I have decided to create a tumblr blog where we will basically upload random sketches and doodles we do along the way. We haven't had time to work on the layout, we just picked a template and tweaked…


Infographic Thinking Workshop
Berlin July 13th, 2012

Infographic Thinking workshop

The 3-day Infographic Thinking workshop held by Francesco Franchi at the Gestalten Space in Berlin has just come to an end. Around 20 participants with different backgrounds worked for 3 days to create an infographic piece on "U.S Surveillance in North Africa". The best…


Japanese etiquette

Than you all
Bangkok May 22nd, 2011

What a wonderful world

"Excuse me sir, but I cannot allow you to enter the plane anymore. You are too late and the boarding gate is by now closed. I am sorry. You will have to wait another week for your next flight." Covered in sweat, I wake…

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